MAAC10 Formulas

MAAC10 Quercetin Berberine 500mg NAD+ and AMPK Activator Longevity Support Supplement.

MAAC10 Quercetin Berberine NAD+ and AMPK Activator Supplement. Formulated for Longevity Support. (250mg Quercetin and 250mg Berberine in each capsule). 

  • Boost the effectiveness of NMN by slowing NAD+ destruction. (CD38 is the greatest destroyer of NAD+ in the body, hence, slowing CD38 improves NAD+ levels)
  • Quercetin like Resveratrol, is a SIRTUIN  Activation Compound that activates our longevity genes.
  • Quercetin also improves the bioavailability of Resveratrol when used together. 
  • Berberine is an AMPK Activator(AMPK is one of the three known prominent Longevity pathways, the same pathway normally activated by exercise).