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MAAC10 Product Page

NADH + CoQ10 by MAAC10 provides the BEST VALUE! - 60 chewable tablets | 50mg PANMOL® NADH + 100mg CoQ10 per serving| ENERGY | ANTI-AGING | ANTIOXIDANT.


NADH and CoQ10 are natural coenzymes that serve both as Antioxidants and as electron carriers, protecting the mitochondria while promoting ATP energy production. NADH + CoQ10 work synergistically to ensure energy efficiency, boosting athletic performance, physical endurance and mental focus. NADH + CoQ10 is also a potent Antioxidant combination that helps neutralize cytotoxic radical and peroxides. NADH may convert to NAD+ and be used as substrate that stimulates DNA repair and Sirtuin gene regulation for real Anti-Aging benefits.

Each molecule of NADH contains stored energy, and will release 2 high-energy electrons eventually carried by CoQ10 resulting in the production of ATP Cellular Energy. CoQ10 is required as an electron receiver, which helps to reduce electron leakage and the formation of excessive ROS (reactive oxygen species).

*This product is NOT intended to replace or work like caffeinated products. While some people do report an instant energy effect, the results may vary from person to person and is dose-dependent. We encourage our customers to take a longer term outlook, over time the pool of NADH + CoQ10 should improve and so will basal energy levels, metabolic function and fatigue.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.