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New Understanding In Anti-Aging Science

In 2013, a team of Harvard researchers successfully showed for the first time, that aspects of the aging process may be reversible. They treated old mice with NMN - NICOTINAMIDE MONONUCLEOTIDE, a powerful and direct NAD+ precursor supplement. Remarkably, after only 10 days of treatment, key biological markers used to measure the aging process, resembled those of much younger mice. It was the human equivalent of a 60-year old with some biomarkers resembling those of a 20-year old. See the article for yourself  "A New—and Reversible—Cause of Aging" - Harvard Medicine School.


NMN recent news - "Rewinding the Clock" March 22, 2018." 

As we age NAD+ levels fall, within our cells the NAD pool helps to breakdown foods like sugar into ENERGY NAD+ is extremely vital, primarily, because it is an absolute requirement for the function of our "longevity-genes" called  SIRTUINS. SIRTUINS control gene-expression, they are responsible for regulating the state of other genes in our bodies, making sure that only the right ones are either turned on or off like switches. This keep cells working normally and healthy as the DNA code intended. However, NAD+ declines with age, causing reduced SIRTUIN activity, lower energy output and less physical stamina & endurance. Why? Because NAD+ gets used and CONSUMED as a substrate, for immune function response by ectoenzyme CD38, SIRTUIN gene silencing and for the repair of broken DNA strands. (learn more on the science page...)

It is now becoming evident and common knowledge that supporting the NAD pool is indispensable for promoting good health & wellness, especially as we age. The mounting evidence suggest that NMN is perhaps the most versatile and prolific NAD+ supplement. So do not be bamboozled by the heavily marketed and less effective synthetics (NR-Chloride), make sure you choose MONONUCLEOTIDE! The world's most renowned NAD anti-aging scientist takes NMN and gives it to his dad.

At MAAC10 (Mitochondrial Anti-Aging Coenzymes), our formulations work synergistically to help support and maintain the NAD pool, boost physical endurance & ATP- Energy levels, while working to suppress excessive free-radical formation. We believe that a comprehensive strategy offers a greater opportunity to achieve the best results.