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MAAC10 Formulas

MAAC10 Ursolic Acid 50mg ( 100mg Rosemary Leaf Extract Standardized to 50% Ursolic Acid).

Ursolic Acid 50mg (Contains 100mg of Rosemary Leaf Extract Standardized to 50% or 50mg Ursolic Acid) 100 capsules.

About this item

  • SIRTUIN & AMPK ACTIVATOR - Ursolic Acid is a natural compound found in rosemary and the skin of apples. Studies show Ursolic Acid may offer healthy aging benefits similar to Resveratrol by activating our longevity genes known as sirtuins and acting as an AMPK activator.
  • HOLISTIC HEALTH - Ursolic Acid studies show a broad range of potential health-promoting benefits including supporting skeletal muscle mass, promoting exercise endurance, collagen production, and supporting memory and learning.
  • 100 CAPSULES - Each bottle of Maac10 Ursolic Acid comes with 100 easy-to-swallow capsules each with 50mg of Ursolic Acid. Take 1 capsule per day for a 50mg serving, or take up to 3 capsules per day for 150mg of Ursolic Acid per serving!
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Maac10's Ursolic Acid is sourced from Rosemary extract and standardized to 50% Ursolic Acid. Our capsules are bottled and tested in the US and are non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, and vegetarian.
  • DISCOVER MAAC10 - At Maac10, we believe in proven scientific research to support your health and wellness. Our products are manufactured in a GMP and NSF Certified facility in Miami, Florida, USA. Support your longevity genes with supplements that support cellular respiration and mitochondrial health!

Ursolic Acid is a compound naturally found in the waxy film that coats the skin of an apple. It is also found in grape skins, rosemary, holy basil, thyme, sage, oregano, lemon balm, and other herbs. Like Resveratrol, Ursolic Acid has been found to have a wide variety of health-promoting benefits, but it may be twice as potent at activating Sirtuins (the master longevity genes) than Resveratrol.

➤ Potent Sirtuin (Longevity Genes) activation compound 

➤ AMPK Activator- Exercise Endurance and Mitochondrial Biogenesis  

➤ Anti - Inflammatory 

➤ Skeletal Muscle Support

➤ Blood Sugar Support

➤ Nitric Oxide Promoter

➤ Supports Memory and Learning by slowing Acetylcholine breakdown


(100 50MG CAPS)